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May 28, 2004

In honored memory

Many are not aware that historic Causland Park in downtown Anacortes was created in memory of local men who gave their lives in service during World War I. A plaque on front of the amphitheater gazebo reads: “Causland Memorial Park. Named in honor of Harry Leon Causland, one of the one hundred mortals D.S.C. 6795. […]

May 28, 2004

Festival features classic cars

As always, the Anacortes Waterfront Festival drew some awesome beauties to its car show. Among those pictured here are a 1931 Ford Coupe owned by Mike Espe and a 1934 Plymouth Coupe owned by Suzanne and Richard Phipps of Burlington. Sentimental favorites are the Datsun 240Z and the Malibu, as son Mark has one of […]

May 27, 2004

Boys at play

The ol’ complaint “There’s nothing to do” sure didn’t ring true last weekend in Anacortes, when the annual Waterfront Festival provided an eye-popping menu of options for kids looking to have some fun. In the first photo, a boy descends after reaching the summit of the climbing wall. Next, a boy watches with excitement as […]

May 26, 2004

Moms and toy boats

A favorite activity at the annual Anacortes Waterfront Festival is the boat-building area sponsored by the Fidalgo Island Rotary Club. Due to cramped quarters, boat-building teams usually consist of just one child and a parent. I come from a family of six children, so I already know what a critical role mom plays in a […]

May 26, 2004

Little boats

Admirers of all ages lean over the rail at Cap Sante Boat Haven each year to watch the remote control boat owners sail and power their boats in the water below. Among boats included this year was the “Enforcer,” a 1:8 scale racing boat owned by Kevin Klocke of Sedro-Woolley. Kevin’s father-in-law is Skagit County […]

May 25, 2004

Can’t beat the bungee

Kids already loved the climbing wall, but addition of the new bungee jumping option was an instant hit at the Waterfront Festival. Among the kids I photographed bungee jumping (more like flying, really) were 12-year-old Anthony Masias and 5-year-old Maya Conte, daughter of Ryan and Nicole. Operators harnessed the kids and then they jumped up […]

May 25, 2004

Duntons sing sweetly

The Dunton Sisters of Anacortes turn heads wherever they perform. According to one critic cited on their Web site, “Their singing is so smooth, it’s like driving down a freshly paved highway in a new Cadillac.” Another coined the term “smoothgrass” to describe their approach to music. Jen and Bev, on guitar and mandolin, and […]

May 24, 2004

SOS band a hit

Local band SOS wowed the crowd Saturday at the Anacortes Waterfront Festival with a “hot Latin rock” sound reminiscent of Santana and the early Seventies. Lead singer is Beth Bivens; John Malone, guitar; Jim Venditto, bass guitar; Ted Rieger, drums; Oscar De La Rosa, timbalis; Gabriel De La Rosa, congas. Check them out at their […]

May 20, 2004

Causland in bloom

Grab a picnic lunch (or dinner) and head for Causland Memorial Park in downtown Anacortes (off “M” Avenue, between 7th and 8th streets). Causland’s beautiful flowers, bushes and trees are in full bloom, and the city does a wonderful job of maintaining this park gem. Take time to read the memorial plaque to city residents […]

May 20, 2004

Ted and Leila’s sanctuary

Ted and Leila Meyer talk about their garden, but the term “sanctuary” seems more appropriate, not only for their human guests but for the seasonal bird population as well. Ted and Leila’s garden, which features an amazing number of beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees, is made more special by the fact that they designed and […]

May 17, 2004

May flowers

Years ago I satisfied my desires for macro photography by purchasing a set of three lenses for my 35 mm Minolta. Today, with a digital camera, I simply press a button on the side of the lens to “go macro.” I worked my way around the yard with the lens Sunday, moving from lily to […]

May 15, 2004

Forest flora

I’m not sure of the names of a couple of these wild plants. I think one is Indian paintbrush, and I know the vertical shot is a young madrona tree. I encourage you at this time of year to hike the sun-splashed trails of Little Cranberry Lake. Take care, however, not to trample…

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