First summer

Published July 17, 2006 / by Steve Berentson

This is one of two young eagles born last spring in a nest just a few hundred yards from Fidalgo Bay. Both were flying Saturday, but I didn’t get them in the same frame. According to, the bald eagle was officially declared the national emblem of the United States by the Second Continental Congress in 1782. It was selected by the founding fathers because it is a species unique to North America. The bald eagle’s image and symbolism have played a significant role in American art, folklore, music and architecture. White head and tail feathers come around age four or five, and eagles can live up to 50 years.

About Steve Berentson
A fourth generation Skagit County native who was moved kicking and screaming from this island community in 1960. I finally reclaimed an Anacortes address in 1980, and I have been in constant celebration of my return since that time. Many of us who call Anacortes home love Fidalgo Island for its natural assets: among them are rugged beaches, pristine lakes, thousands of acres of forestland and some awesome views of the Skagit Valley and surrounding islands. Another element of my love affair with this community is its people, both natives and immigrants. They will “star” in many of my journal entries.

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