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July 30, 2003

Anti-drinking fountain

This small statue/fountain of a woman and a bird stands outside the Anacortes Museum, a former Carnegie Library. According to Anacortes Museum researcher Alex Dunn, the cast iron/zinc water fountain was created by J.W. Fiske Co. of New York. It was donated by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union in 1906 in memory of long-time Union […]

July 27, 2003

An-O-Chords barbecue

It’s like a family picnic, really … a major difference being that those who step up front to sing can actually carry a tune. Boy, can they carry a tune! It’s the annual An-O-Chords barbecue, the salmon feast and entertainment event that follows two nights of performance at Brodniak Auditorium. This afternoon barbecue was great, […]

July 26, 2003

Tugging a ferry

In many cities, crowds gather to watch construction crews. In Anacortes it is more common to see crowds gather on the waterfront, as was the case yesterday at the Port of Anacortes dock on the Guemes Channel. It was late afternoon when the crews of two Crowley tugs, the “Response” and the “Protector,” threw lines […]

July 25, 2003

Pleasant surprises

Sometimes our day includes a pleasant surprise or two, as was the case earlier this week while visiting Randy’s Pier 61 Restaurant on the Guemes Channel. My eye caught a glimpse of color from a tree near the rocks just north of the restaurant deck. When I went closer to examine the fruit, I discovered […]

July 19, 2003

Shipwreck ‘Vettes

Commercial Avenue became “Corvette Alley” for a few hours today as proud car owners gathered at the north end of town in conjunction with Shipwreck Day. Among the five dozen-plus classic vehicles was a white beauty owned by Don of Anacortes. Another, leading a “five generation” row of Corvettes, was a gorgeous red and white […]

July 19, 2003

Happy ‘Wreck Day

One of the most important elements of the annual Shipwreck Day is the opportunity to see family and friends … and the “stuff” they score on during the course of a couple of laps up and down Commercial. My first photo here is of Dee Andrich, who snagged himself a fishing pole. Then there’s sister […]

July 17, 2003

Windows and walls

An early morning visit to downtown Anacortes yielded photographic opportunities as the rising sun illuminated the windows and walls of businesses on the west side of Commercial Avenue: a bright orange crab “captured” in the glass of a plate at Donatello Flowers and Gifts; another Donatello display with a rust-colored heron and a small lighthouse; […]

July 12, 2003

Kids R Best Fest I

We’re talking puppies, food, music, games, paint, military vehicles, inflatables … and more! It was a great Saturday for hundreds of kids at Storvik Park, where once again many organizations volunteered to make their day special with the Kids R Best Festival. Pictured here are kids doing their thing with paints at the dinosaur farm […]

July 12, 2003

Kids R Best Fest II

Lines formed in the northeast corner of Storvik Park for the giant inflatables, including a slide. An energetic boy tackles a “pirate” at the base of the slide. An overview of the Festival shows just a few of the many booths and activities set up for the enjoyment of local kids. All free! In addition […]

July 11, 2003

AM Downtown

It’s enjoyable to watch downtown Anacortes prepare for another day … and when it’s washed with summer sunlight it is beautiful as well. Laurie Gere and her staff at Gere-a-Deli get an early start, hustling in the kitchen as customers begin to trickle in. On this morning, some customers take their coffee and pastry outside […]

July 8, 2003

Classics on wheels

A regular “bonus” associated with community events in Anacortes is the participation by owners of classic cars. Such was the case on the 4th of July, when a number of proud car buffs including at least three local couples opted to take part in the parade down Commercial Avenue. Among those behind the wheel in […]

July 4, 2003

Young patriots

No parade in Anacortes would be complete without a boat or two. Pictured here are two young crewmen aboard the “Glide,” one of several vessels owned and operated by the OARS group. Also preparing for the program were some of the members of the Anacortes Little League Softball Majors All-Star team. Major contributors to the […]

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