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November 23rd, 2020

Pass Island viewpoint

With Deception Pass Bridge paint/repair contractors “on pause” for a couple of winter months, paths on the center island of the Pass are accessible again. And what a view it was Sunday afternoon as the current swirled below! Elements of protective shrouding on the bridge are visible to the right.

November 22nd, 2020

Coast Guard exercise at Deception Pass

With bridge paint and repair contractors gone for a few winter weeks, I took the opportunity Sunday to visit Pass Island at Deception Pass. There I was treated to what I assume was a U.S. Coast Guard training exercise. This vessel made several passes back and forth through swiftly moving currents at Deception Pass before […]

November 19th, 2020

Mushrooms by the beach: who knew?

Given seasonal changes in weather and flora, my attention was drawn to the earth on a recent trip to the West Beach area of Deception Pass State Park. Pictured here are many of the mushrooms I discovered on a walk through lakeside forest and shoreside sand dunes. Impressive (especially those I discovered growing in the […]

November 15th, 2020

Family time

A man, a woman and their dog, enjoying a cool, gray Saturday afternoon on a bluff above Deception Pass.

November 8th, 2020

Getting outside!

It was exciting last Saturday to see so many Northwesterners outside enjoying the natural attributes of this amazing corner of the state. I saw kayakers, paddleboarders, horseback riders, hikers, boaters and beach walkers. They were young, old … families and friends. I saw cameras, cellphones and binoculars, all being utilized to add images to memory […]

November 8th, 2020

Blue on green

A paddleboarder glides across the water in front of Canoe Pass, just south of Fidalgo Island.

November 6th, 2020

Bound for the Pass

A tugboat rounds the corner at Lighthouse Point, bound for Deception Pass. As viewed from Rosario Head.

November 5th, 2020

Bridges from waterline

Deception Pass bridges as viewed from rocks on the shoreline of Lighthouse Point, Fidalgo Island.

October 26th, 2020

Bridge crews plan winter break

Recent high winds blew apart bridge project scheduling at Deception Pass. According to state Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Project Engineer Shane Spahr, the contractor doing work on the two iconic spans was hoping to finish painting the Canoe Pass bridge this year. “However, due to a number of factors, unless we get some really nice […]

October 17th, 2020

Slicing through surf

Heading west into the waves through Deception Pass.

October 14th, 2020

View from the west

Wednesday afternoon view from Lighthouse Point on the southwest corner of Fidalgo Island. Canoe and Deception Pass bridges are wrapped during a painting project which first calls for removal of layers of old paint. The bridges have linked Fidalgo and Whidbey islands since 1935.

October 13th, 2020

Hallie’s harbor seal

From the beach, my only photo option was the top of this harbor seal’s head as it slipped by. Granddaughter Hallie, however, had scrambled to an elevated vantage point where she captured these two “underwater” images. Little North Beach, Deception Pass.

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