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November 18th, 2022

Trail view, Deception Pass

View from North Whidbey trail descending to North Beach at Deception Pass State Park. On the horizon, Fidalgo Island and Lighthouse Point.

January 14th, 2022

Sun draws people outdoors

With unseasonbly heavy rain and even some snow in the rear view mirror, many Northwesterners are taking advantage of the sunshine to enjoy this amazing area we call home. This shot is looking east from Lighthouse Point on Fidalgo Island.

July 29th, 2021

Powering toward the Pass

Power boats speed past Fidalgo Island’s Lighthouse Point on the way to Deception Pass.

May 17th, 2021

Life in the outdoors: Bowman Bay

Fog and kayakers dominated my attention on a Sunday morning visit to Bowman Bay, but there were many others headed for beach and trails as I returned at midday. I am happy to share this beautiful Northwest “neighborhood” with so many who have suffered from travel restrictions over the past months. Here’s to the Spring/Summer […]

May 17th, 2021

Kayakers near Deception Pass

Kayakers round corner at Lighthouse Point, headed for Canoe Pass in the distance. South Fidalgo Island.

April 10th, 2021

Morning light, Lighthouse Point

Had the place to myself this morning for awhile before a group of runners invaded. Lighthouse Point on south Fidalgo Island, overlooking Deception Pass.

March 19th, 2021

Moment of reflection

Hiker must become climber in order to view Deception Pass from this spot on Lighthouse Point, Fidalgo Island. Paul DeFeo of Manhattan, here on visit to see his sister.

December 29th, 2020

Squeezing in one more 2020 adventure

It was as though a “Nature Alert” went out on everyone’s cell phones. With just a handful of days remaining in 2020, I encountered dozens of like-minded folks enjoying a sunny afternoon on Fidalgo and Whidbey islands. Hikers, beach walkers, kayakers, power boaters … they dressed in layers (most including face masks) and headed for […]

November 8th, 2020

Getting outside!

It was exciting last Saturday to see so many Northwesterners outside enjoying the natural attributes of this amazing corner of the state. I saw kayakers, paddleboarders, horseback riders, hikers, boaters and beach walkers. They were young, old … families and friends. I saw cameras, cellphones and binoculars, all being utilized to add images to memory […]

November 6th, 2020

Bound for the Pass

A tugboat rounds the corner at Lighthouse Point, bound for Deception Pass. As viewed from Rosario Head.

October 21st, 2020

Lighthouse Point cove

A view looking west from a Lighthouse Point bluff on the southwest tip of Fidalgo Island.

October 16th, 2020

Coastal markers

U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey markers from the Bowman Bay, Lighthouse Point area. Grandkids and I have located similar markers on the North Whidbey side of Deception Pass State Park. I’ve also photographed a marker on an Anacortes forest trail.

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